Employee’s Shareholder Association of Evonik 


Dear members, Evonik employees and others,

On April 12, 2016 certain employee representatives founded the Employee’s Shareholder Association of Evonik (“MAV Evonik,” /  “Association”)
The Association’s goals is to provide adequate representation of Evonik employees among the Evonik shareholders as a whole.
The founding members elected the board of MAV Evonik. President Thomas Beisswenger stated after his election: “We want to promote with our Association the idea of shareholder ownership among employees. Furthermore, we want to foster the interests of employees adequately through grouped voting rights.“
Jürgen Nöding as elected vice-president added: With our Association we strongly support the corporate and business strategies of Evonik as well as secure jobs. Together, with the help from the employees, we will pursue these goals.“
All active and former employees who obtained shares of Evonik through the employee’s share programs or by other means and who would like to support the aims of the Association can become members.
The Association was duly registered at the court of Essen on April 22, 2016.
We are welcoming everybody who is interested to join our Employee’s Shareholder Association “MAV Evonik e.V.”
You can get further information from your local employee representatives or contact us.
Yours sincerely,
The Members of the Board

About Us 

Employee’s Shareholder Association of Evonik

The Employee’s Shareholder Association of Evonik represents the interests of all active and former employees of the Evonik group who hold shares of Evonik Industries AG (Evonik), either through the employee’s share purchase program or through other means.  Such shareholders who would like to support the goals of the Association may transfer their rights to vote.
During the Annual General Meeting of Evonik the Association executes the authorized and duly transferred voting rights of employee-shareholders.

Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the Association is an adequate representation of the employees of Evonik among the Evonik shareholders. The Association promotes the idea of shareholder ownership of employees. By grouped voting rights, employee interests can be pursued. In particular the Association aims to pursue employee interests, sustainable corporate and business strategies and practices and job security. Employee interests can be articulated best by a significant number of duly authorized and transferred voting rights at the Evonik General Shareholders´Assembly Meeting.

Members of the Board are:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Beisswenger
[email protected]
Dr. Martin Bewersdorf
[email protected]
General Secretary:
Dr. Jörg Hellhammer
Herr Michele Agusta
Herr Ralf Giesel

Statutes of the Association

The statutes of the „Employee’s Shareholder Association Evonik e.V. stipulate all matters of the Association. For example, name and location, the purpose, the membership regulations for entry and dismissal, the membership contribution as well as other principles of reimbursements of charges and expenses. In addition, the construction, the creation, and the rights and duties of the Association members are set forth.


The „Employee’s Shareholder Association Evonik e.V.“ is composed of active and supporting members who support the aims and the purposes of the Association. Members of the Association can be active and former employees of Evonik who obtained shares of Evonik through the employee’s share program or through other means.
Employees may become members of the Association through a Declaration of Membership which is available as a fillable PDF form.
Declaration of Membership:
The completed and signed Declaration of Membership including a SEPA debit mandate can be sent by e-mail to [email protected].
Alternatively, the Declaration of Membership can also be sent by mail to the Association address:
Mitarbeiteraktionärsverein Evonik e.V. c/o Gesamtsprecherausschuss Evonik- Konzern,
Rellinghauser Straße 11,
45128 Essen
The attached flyer can be printed out on both sides and submitted to colleagues who might be interested to join the Association.

Transfer of voting rights

The voting right of shares can be executed during the Annual General Shareholders´Assembly of Evonik Industries. Evonik currently has more than 12,000 employee shareholders. This means that Evonik employees represent about 32 % of the total shareholders. The Employee’s Shareholder Association aims towards a strong representation rate. Hence, every employee shareholder can transfer his or her rights to vote to the Association. The compilation of votes can be executed by the Association. The attached vote transfer form can be used achieve this.
Employees can always execute votes individually during the Annual Meeting. Now, we offer an attractive alternative: execute the voting right among the group of employee shareholders through the Employee’s Shareholder Association.
Download the enclosed pdf file and fill in the form. If you have several shareholder numbers, this declaration must be done for every individual number. After timely return of the document(s) by e-mail or the original by mail the Association shall represent your voting right.
The long-term vote authorization form will be submitted to the responsible Evonik department.
Granting long-term authorization for the right to vote towards the Association does not bind employees to membership in the Association MAV Evonik. No fees or other costs will be charged.
A change of the number of shares in a depot (e. g. , by purchase or sales of shares) requires no new authorization. The authorization stays valid per shareholder number for the respective actual share number in the respective depot.
A ticket for participation at the Annual General Meeting of Evonik can be applied for even if the voting right of the respective shareholder number is transferred to the Association. Shareholders may use the respective form that is attached to the invitation. In the event that a shareholder wishes to participate at the Annual General Meeting of Evonik, the long-term authorization towards the Association will automatically be cancelled for the concerned General Meeting and then is reinstituted automatically afterwards.
Visitors of the Annual General Meeting can furthermore hand in their voting block (and hereby their respective right to vote) to the commissioned representatives of the Association present during the meeting.
Please, send the filled in and signed long-term authorization form by e-mail to “[email protected]”. Alternatively by mail to the Association address: Mitarbeiteraktionärsverein Evonik e.V., c/o Gesamtsprecherausschuss Evonik-Konzern, Rellinghauser Str. 11, 45128 Essen, Germany.


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